Pisces Fleet, Fish Report May 17 – 23, 2024

Pisces Report – 21st Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 95%

Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 75.00%, Dorado13.33% Tuna 6.67% Other Species 53.33%

Week 21 began with 5 to 6-foot waves driven by 8 to 10 kts. of wind. Both the sea and air temps were in the mid-60s to high-70s, which seemed to offer perfect conditions for a variety of species, including wahoo, dorado, roosterfish, jack crevalle, yellowtail, silky shark, and striped marlin (that were all released).

A great day for "My Way" with yellowtail, and  dorado ,

The “MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking with Captain Arturo and Mates Daniel and Josue aboard, delivered a remarkable day for the Bryston Sherman, Chase Watson, Tristan Zwerneman, and Turner Mehaffey group. Not only did they catch and release six Striped Marlin on the 1150 Bank, but they also caught Dorado, Roosterfish, and Yellowtail on Ballyhoo or caballito. When the fishing slowed, they headed for the Solmar\Pedregal area, and there they used Lisa, (mullet) as bait to produce several Yellowtails.

Kirk Kolb, Michael Balaban, Michael Laytos, Mitchell Ellman, and Patrick Mostyn fishing aboard the “YAHOO,” a beautifully maintained, 42-foot Bertram with Captain Ricardo Escamilla and Mate Yahoo Jose Escamilla-Yahoo had an exciting day on the water catching and releasing five Striped Marlin in the 80 to 100-pound class using Ballyhoo at the 1150 Spot that also produced two Silky Shark weighing around 100 to 120 pounds.          

Adding more variety to the day’s catch with a much sought-after toothy, 35-pound Wahoo with live caballito.  
By the time they finally headed back to the Marina, they had also caught several Jack Crevalle weighing up to 15 pounds on small baitfish.

Tiburon with clients an dcrew posing for a photo after a great days fishing!

Although the various species continued to be special crowd-pleasers for many of our visiting anglers, others were eager to have a shot at the opportunity to run up a double-digit score of billfish releases in a single day. Elijah Pirnie and James Pirnie from Grand Island, Nebraska, chose the “TIBURON,” a 31-foot Bertram with well-known local Captain Rosendo Gomez at the helm and Mate Carlos Santos running the cockpit. They were having a very good week at the 1150 Bank and Punta Gorda up inside the Sea of Cortez. Elijah and James found what they were looking for on the banks. The bite was steady, and between the two, they managed to catch and release ten Stripers in the estimated 60 to 120-pound class on fresh Ballyhoo and caballito.      

Over the weekend, some of the Pisces fleet headed north up into the Sea of Cortez to compete in the 5th annual Marina Puerto Escondido Tournament – a two-day event featuring Yellowtail, Dorado, and a Billfish Release Category.

Team Anyna receiving the winners check for the most released billfish.

Team Anaya took First Place in the Billfish Release Division, earning over $239,000.

The following boats from Pisces Fleet all placed in the MPE Tournament: Team Anaya, Sneak Attack / La Chingona 40, La Chingona, Reels n Dirt, Sea Señora, and Will 2 Win all scored in the Billfish Release Division. Congratulations to these Pisces fleet boats!

The Ruthless crew after a productive days fishing.

Throughout the week, the overall Cabo bite remained steady, and as word got out, those who could, went out just to get in on the fun. Bruce Smith was one of those who decided he would go alone aboard the “RUTHLESS,” a 31-foot Bertram with Captain Beto Lira and Mate Jesus Romero. Bruce had quite a day for himself that provided him with many tales to tell and retell again. All day, it was not long between bites! Three times Striped Marlin rose to the trolled fresh bait on the reliable 11:50 Spot, and Smith was fighting and releasing yet another one.  However, that wasn’t the only species of hungry fish in the ocean! There were also a few Jack Crevalle that beat the marlin to a Ballyhoo.

Then along came the Silky Shark bunch that wanted in on the action, and snatched fresh-trolled Ballyhoo, adding to the count. By the end of the day, four Silky Sharks were caught and released.  Now, that, my friend, was a pretty special day that should provide Bruce with plenty of stories to tell until he can get out again.

Trevor and Regina Oldroyd, from Washington after an exciting day of billfishing.

Trevor and Regina Oldroyd, from Washington, Utah, will remember their trip aboard the “KARINA,” a snazzy 30-foot Bertram with Captain Orlando Murillo at the helm and Mate Jorge Velez in the cockpit also headed for the 1150 Spot, which continued to be the hot spot most of the week. Once again, it delivered multiple caught and released Striped Marlin, SEVEN to be exact, along with a couple of Silky shark, they also had to deal with.

Caroline Churchill and Conrad Miller, from San Antonio, Texas, scored SEVEN Striped Marlin  on a recent trip to Los Cabos.

RIPPER,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Abel and Mate Jose Luis running the boat and guests Caroline Churchill and Conrad Miller, from San Antonio, Texas, scored SEVEN Striped Marlin that weighed an estimated 60 to 120 pounds were released at the 1150 Spot along with one Silky Shark estimated at 100 to 120 pounds.

Brad Edwards, David Vernon, Justin Boe, Landon Dutra, Robert Perks, Ryan Edwards, and Tyler Benson aboard the “FRIDAY BANK,” a 66-foot Viking with Captain Alex and mates Saul and Beto also visited the now famous 1150 Spot and were rewarded with five Striped Marlin weighing from 100 to 120 pounds, all released. Plus, they caught one Dorado and 13 Yellowfin Tuna – a promising catch that may develop as summer settles in.

So, in a nutshell, multiple Striped Marlin, a handful of other species, plus the Yellowfin are showing up!!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 1150, 
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas with some wind waves in the afternoon
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures

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