Pisces Fishing Report Jan,12-18, 2024

Pisces Sportfishing Boat "La Brisa" wutg striped narlin jumping in foreground

Overall, Success rate: 96%  Billfish (Release) 74.75%, Tuna 8.8%, Dorado 78.79%, Other 21.21%

Friday, January 12, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Height: 2 to 3 ft. 
Wind: 6-8 kts
Water Temp: 76°F to 78°F
Air Temp: High 75°F Low to 57°F
As we were still closing out last week’s Pisces report, January 11 was already underway. First, there was just a tad more wind than the preceding week, which caused some minor wind chop that the fleet had to deal with.

Nothing overwhelming, but enough to change some of the fleet’s tactics. Captain Ray Winkler and Mate Jesus Winkler aboard the “LA BRISA,” a 31-ft. Bertram decided to follow a hunch and head toward the Los Arcos spot. They found large schools of dorado and yellowfin tuna that eagerly bit lures and fresh mackerel.  Their total numbers for the day were 18 dorado (weighing from 10 to 30 pounds) and four yellowfin tuna (from 12 to 15 pounds) for the Roger Kroha group from Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Pisces Spoertfisher "BBII" passing Cape Rocks.

Meanwhile, the “BB II,” a37-ft. 2018 Viking Billfish found a bonanza of billfish for Ida Mikus and Jeff Owen back at the La Brecha spot that was hotter than ever, and their final tally was six striped marlin caught on mackerel and released .

Joining them, the Pisces 42-ft. Cabo Flybridge, “CALIENTE,” with Captain Jamie Luis and Jaime Gonzalez, who found three striped marlin they released and 12 dorado weighing from 10 to 20 pounds on Ballyhoo at the La Brecha Bank for Jaime Gonzalez on the OK USAR Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, 

“HOT ROD,” 42-ft. Flybridge Cabo, with Captain Erick Orozco and Mate “Hot Rod” Jose Ramiro Ramirez, had three striped marlin releases at La Brecha and eight dorado around 14 to 28 pounds at another bank named Los Arcos for angler David Fields.

Another fantastic catch on the same day was aboard the Pisces 24-ft. Panga’s “KARMA,” with Armando Zarate at the helm, scored  a dorado, 16 roosterfish, and one jack crevalle for John Lovro, Michael Bergmann, and Richard Gurcznski from Norwood, Massachusetts.  

Fish Type – Numbers Caught  
Dorado 107
Jack Crevalle 1
Needlefish 1
Roosterfish 22
Skipjack 14
Striped Marlin 33
Yellowfin Tuna 7
Total Caught 185 – January 12, 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 2 to 3 ft. Wind: 5-8 kts
Water Temp: 74°F – 75°F
Air Temp: High 73°F

“ANDREA,” a 28-ft. Uniflite According to recent reports, with Captain FERNANDO NOYOLA at the helm and Mate MARCELO DAVIS, couldn’t resist trying the La Brecha Bank. Not only did they find eight dorado in the 10 to 18-pound class for their clients Dave Cadwallader, Hans Jerome Hansen, and Michael Nadeau from Boise, Idaho, but they also released six striped marlin.

Pisces Charter "Ripper" with passengers catch for the day.

On the “RIPPER,” a 35-ft. Cabo Flybridge, Captain Abel Nico, and Mate Mario found a different hot spot for their clients on Saturday at “Faro Bank,” where they had hoped would be less crowded. Not only was it less crowded, but in addition to striped marlin, they found some larger dorado in the 20 to 40-pound class. Plus, they released six striped marlin for the group of Abigail Coldin, Alexander Kell, Andrew Kell, Austin Keel, John Squartino, and Katie Kell.

Pisces charter boat Sea Senora with the days catch.

“SEA SEÑORA,” a 42’-ft. Post Sport Fisher, with Captain Carmelo and Mate Navarrete, who also joined the fleet at La Brecha Bank much to the delight of Jade M., and Michael J. Pender from California, who caught and released six striped marlin on mackerel plus eight dorado in the 10 to 20-pound class also on live bait.

Fish Type  – Numbers Caught  
Bonito 2
Dorado 85
Red Snapper 1
Roosterfish 2Sierra 17
Striped Marlin 62
Wahoo 1Yellowfin Tuna 9
Total Caught 179 – January 13, 2024

Sunday, January 14, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 4-5-6 FT. Wind: 6-8-10 kts
Water Temp: 72°F
Air Temp: 62°F – 74°F

Pisces charter "My Way" with passengers display their days catch.

“MY WAY” 45-ft. Viking, Captain Arturo, Mate Daniel Josué released eight striped marlin and four dorado 12 pounds, 15 pounds, 30 pounds, and 40 pounds for Blake Wiggins and Courtney Wiggins, from Little Rock, Arkansas, who caught them on the La Brecha Bank.

Another of the larger 62-ft. Viking’s “CHASIN TAIL,” with Captain Pepe and Mates Ulises and Dulce, located seven striped marlin, three dorado, from 20 to 25-pounds, plus a Sierra, 2 Cuchi, (puffer fish), and a Grouper at La Lobera Bank for Graham,  Matthew,  and Parker Neessen, and Peyton Perkins.

On “ADRIANA,” a 28-ft. Uniflite with Captain Frank and Mate Velez under-scoring that Size Doesn’t Matter! They found fish in two spots, including La Brecha and another favorite at Los Arcos Bank. They produced FIVE stripers and a dorado for Linda and Patrick Welsh, who are visiting us from North Carolina!

Fish Type – Numbers Caught
Dorado 34
Grouper 1
Sierra 16
Striped Marlin 44

Total Caught 96 – January 14, 2024

Monday, January 15, 2024

Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 4-5 6 FT Wind: 5-8 kts
Water Temp: 72°F
Air Temp: 64°F -74°F

Captain Jose Ramon and mates Alucano and Jose camped on the La Brecha Bank on the“REBECCA,” a 31-ft. Bertram,with Doug Rubino, Nicole Niles, and Roger Kroha from Wakefield, Rhode Island,where they experienced a day they will remember!  (drum roll)!!! They released 12 striped marlin interspersed with three dorado in the 20 to 25-pound class there.
(In the “thought you would never ask department, “La Brecha, means The Trail in English”).

Pisces "Ruthless" with clients displaying their days catch.

On the “RUTHLESS,” a31-ft. Bertram with Captain Beto Lira and Mate Mario, who also visited the same bank, a trip which resulted in an exciting day for Dan Marking, from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, who caught and released five striped marlin in the 80 to 100-pound class also at “The Trail”…

And on “ADRIANA,” a 28-ft. Uniflite, Captain Frank, and Mate Velez were out for a half-day and managed to hook and release one striped marlin in the 90 to 100-pound range (est.) at another bank (Fuera Hard Rock) for Josh Cline, Pablo Gomez, Serafin Ossorios, and Steven L. Fry.

Fish Type – Number Caught
Dorado 9
Needlefish 1
Striped Marlin 33
Total Caught 43 – January 15, 2024

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 5 to 6 FT. Wind: 5-8 kts
Water Temp: 72°F
Air Temp: 65°F -75°F

“RUTHLESS,” a 31-ft. Bertram, with Captain Beto Lira at the helm, and Mate Mario, with clients Bev House and Charlie Stieneker from Fulshear, Texas, released three striped marlin weighing approximately 90 to 100 Pounds,along with three dorado around 10 to 12 pounds, four ladyfish two to three pounds released, and caught one yellowtail weighing 30-pounds all on La Brecha Bank. 

Pisces "Caliente" with clients displaying thier days catch.

“CALIENTE,” a 42 ft. Cabo Flybridge, released 2 Striped Marlin estimated to be 90 to one hundred pounds, six dorado from 12 to 14 pounds by Jaime González, OK USAR, Cabo San Lucas, México, at La Brecha Bank.

Captain Julio Castro and Mate Raul Leal, fishing the La Brecha Bank with Don Sowders and Mr. Bob Sancewich from Seatle Washington on the “TRACY ANN” landed 12 dorado from 20 to 30 pounds.

Fish Type – Number Caught
Dorado 52
Ladyfish 5
Striped Marlin 22
Yellowtail 1
Total Caught 80 – January 16, 2024

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 4-5-6 FT Wind: 5-8 kts
Water Temp: 72°F
Air Temp: 65°F -76°F

“KARINA” 30-ft. Bertram, Captain Bruce, and Mate Jorge Velez decided to check out two different Banks, with Bruce Billings, Grace Wehrli, Jack Marvell, and Zack Marcell group. First, they visited the La Brecha Bank, where they found plenty of feeding billfish. Trolling lures, the stripers could be seen with dorsal and tails above the surface as they tried to snatch the lure. They dropped back either caballito or mackerel if they missed them, often preferred over the hard artificial lure. After catching and releasing a few, the school disappeared after a few more passes of trolling back and forth with no action. The captain suggested they move to the Los Arcos Bank, which is not too far away. As they raced toward the spot, they saw bird schools diving on bait being driven to the surface by the marlin. The lures hit the water, and the marlin could be seen pursuing the lures bubbling in the wake. By the time they had to leave, the team had racked up an impressive total of eight striped marlin caught and released for the excited and exhausted team of anglers.

The 46-ft. Viking, “LA CHINGONA,” with Captain Miguel, and Mates Dany and Alberto fishing on the LA BRECHA Bank with Ken Luce, McKenzie Luce, Nancy Luce, Robert Luce, and Thomas Luce managed to release two striped marlin along with four dorado weighing from 15 to 20 pounds. 

A small dorado underwater with large lure in its mouth.

Fishing on CABEZA DE BALLENA, a different bank than most of the fleet. Captain Ricardo Escamilla Yahoo and Mate Jose Escamilla Yahoo hooked and released three striped marlin and caught six dorado weighing around 10 to 20- pounds for the large group, including Angela Stanley,  Connor Heard,  Davis Carter, Garrett Marsillo,  Hilary Nicolls, Kim Kitt, Kirk Moore, and Kyle Rogers.They were on the “YAHOO,” a 42-ft. Bertram.

Fish Type – Number Caught
Bonito 1
Dorado 47
Needlefish 1
Sierra 2
Skipjack  1
Striped Marlin 32
Thresher Shark  2
Total Caught 104 – January 17, 2024

Thursday, January 18, 2024
Skies: Clear
Seas: Calm
Wave Ht.: 5-6 FT Wind: 5-8 kts
Water Temp: 72°F – 72°F
Air Temp: 72°F -76°F

Pisces "Kaina" with anglers and thier days catch.

Captain Orlando Murillo, Mate Jorge Velez aboard the “Karina” , 30ft Bertramfinished out the week at “La Brecha Bank” catching and releasing three striped marlin estimated to weigh from 80 to 130 pounds and three dorado weighing approximately 12 to 25 pounds for guests Brody Billings, Bruce Billings, Jack Marvell, and Kate Long.

“TRACY ANN,” a 31-ft. Bertram, run by Captain Bruce and Mate Jesus Winkler, had information about Migrino Bank that reportedly produced some good catches the day before. The report was spot on and provided Bill Madden, Chrissy Sestito, and Mike and Cheryl Shipp a busy time, and by the end of the day, “The Team” had caught and released eight striped marlin and caught one wahoo weighing 15 pounds – one of the few wahoo for the entire week!!!

Fish Type – Number Caught
Dorado 57

Skipjack 1
Striped Marlin 38
Wahoo 1
Yellowfin Tuna 1
Total Caught 98 – January 18, 2024

LOCATION: La Brecha Bank,  “Faro” Bank, Los Arcos Spot and Fuera Hard Rock.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Overall calm seas, light winds on some days tapering off by midday – between 5 and 8 kts.
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures

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