Pisces Fish Report February 23-29,2024

Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 96.47%

Billfish Catch Success Rate 91.59%, Billfish, 61.18% Dorado 61.18% Tuna 20.00% Other Species 29.41%

A tricked out luxury sportfisher with 10 anglers holding up a dorado they each caught

Captain Pepe, and Mates Ulises and Hamo headed back out to the San Cristóbal which has been one of the recent hot spots for billfish and dorado on the “CHASIN TAIL, a 62’ Viking.

Adam Manatt, Chad Their, Charlie Rhode, Griffin Hahn. Jim Capehart, Joey Biasatti, and Klint Kirk could hardly contain their excitement as the boat sped toward San Cristóbal.

Heading toward one of the bird schools, they put out a mix of dead ballyhoo and caballito, on the flat lines and marlin lures from the riggers and it didn’t take long for the dorado to appear in the wake behind one of the flat line baits. That got them started and pandemonium reigned!

By the time they pointed toward Los Cabos harbor, they had eight striped marlin estimated to weigh from 100 to 130 pounds caught and released on cocinero and macarela bait, plus eight dorado from 12 to 20 pounds caught on Ballyhoo.       

Our first weekly report for the year in early January declared how remarkable the local dorado and striped marlin were on the various banks (high spots) surrounding Lands’ End.

A bunch of guy all holding a sierra  or  dorado that they just caught,
RIPPER” 35ft Cabo Flybridge Abel / NINJA/ MARTIN
5 Striped Marlin 100-120lbs. COCINERO/ BALLYHOO MIGRIÃNO
Phillip Mathers, R Kip Kolodziejsk,

Old-timers have been marveling about our local fishing during the first two months of 2024 offering some of the best early season fishing in at least 15 years!!! The Pisces fleet alone has managed to rack up some pretty impressive statistics. Throughout the past two months, our captains and crews have scoured the area as they fished a dozen different banks.

As the conditions varied and the fish moved from spot to spot the fleet followed and many of them and their anglers achieved multiple releases as well, and in some cases attaining double digit releases of billfish.  

As February ended, we finished the final week with several of our fleet teams scoring multiple releases as well as those sought-after double-digit release scores while reporting catches of 14 different species overall for the week.

The week began last Friday, February 23, 2024,with similar weather conditions that we have had since the first of the year— clear skies, calm seas with sea temperatures of 71 to 74 degrees and air temps 67 to 72 degrees, and moderate winds.

While many of our clients are focused on the big game, others just enjoy being on the boat catching something. Hence the importance of a variety of different species to target.

Some clients have favorites and others “just want to pull on something!” So far 2024 has to this point provided a remarkable list of fishing challenges to satisfy the desire.

As I mentioned earlier there continues to be an impressive number of boats that strive to reach that double-digit ceiling.

BBll sportfisher flying many flags reflecting a great day o the water.

“BBII a 37’ Viking Billfish 2018, with Captain OSIEL and Mate JOEL along with Antonio Moreno, Gonzalo Castro, Jesus De Luna, Rodrigo Gutierrez, all from San Antonio, Texas caught and released 11 striped marlin estimated to weigh 100 to 120 pounds, using Ballyhoo and cocinero for bait at the Arcos/Lobera area plus five dorado weighing at 15 pounds.

Congratulations to Crew and Clients.

“LA BRISA” a 31’ a Bertram with Ray Winkler, and Jesus Winkler and their guests Dave Berry, and Justin Elson, from New Hampshire got:
One striped marlin 100-pounder on cocinero and Chawita, one dorado weighing 20 to 25 pounds on Ballyhoo.

 I said at the end of January, I couldn’t expect another month as good, and sure enough, we had a better month in February. Keep your fingers crossed for March! So far, so good!!!

LOCATION: Los Arcos, Magrino, Lobera, Brecha Bank, Cerrito Del Golden, San Cristóbal, Golden Gate Bank, Margaritas Bank,

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Overall calm seas, moderate winds on some days tapering off by midday – between 5 and 11 kts.
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinera, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures