Pisces Cabo Fishing Report February 7th to 13th

Pisces 40′ Chasin Tail II with 10 BIG Red Snapper caught for anglers Andrea and Tamara Tomba

Overall Catch Success rate: 85

Billfish 54%, Dorado 2%,  Other 58%

 This past weekend started off with very good Marlin catches out of Golden Gate Bank, but then quickly tapered off close to Midweek. Pisces 66’ Viking Reels N Dirt impressed on the weekend of the 7th – with 18 Striped Marlin Released in one day and the next day Pisces 58’ Viking Tag Team had 6 released there as well, along with a Roosterfish sand Dorado Released (the only one this week).  We had a total of 68 Billfish this week.

Impressive day on Pisces 66’ Viking Reels N Dirt
with 18 Striped Marlin Released in one day!
Pisces 58’ Viking Tag Team had 1 Roosterfish and 6 Striped Marlin Released
+ the only Dorado of the week.

However, weather changed, and water temperatures dropped a few degrees, making Marlin very tough to land and things slowed considerably at the Bank. Wind picked up into the next weekend and most boats headed inshore to try their luck instead. We’ve still seen some nice catches closer to shore though, Pisces 40’ Chasin Tail II impressed with 10 Big Snapper and a few Sierra Mackerel on Wednesday. A few Roosterfish in the mix too and some other bottom fish; making for 103 fish caught total in our “Other” category.

Snapper on Pisces 40′ Chasin Tail II
Angler Lou Pimentel and friends with 8 Striped Marlin Released on Pisces 31′ Ruthless

Pisces 31’ Ruthless had a great Marlin week, with 17 Striped Marlin Released total. Their best day they had 8 Released total, for anglers Galileo Vega, Louis Pimentel and Quentin Artis, who also released a Mako Shark. The next day they released 6 Striped Marlin for anglers Jeff Sharp and Scott Schein from Oklahoma. All fish averaged between 100 and 130 lbs, and were caught on live mackerel bait at Golden Gate.

Pisces 42’ Yahoo also released 6 Striped Marlin this day, again on mackerel at Golden Gate.

Pisces 48’ Friday Bank with 5 Striped Marlin Released and lots of Snapper and Grouper

New to the fleet, the 2020 model Viking, Pisces 48’ Friday Bank has hit the ground running with great catches every time they been out this week. On one of their best days, they had 5 Striped Marlin released of about 110 to 130 lbs each. Heading inshore afterwards and landing 3 Grouper and 8 Red Snapper close to La Lobera area, for the Riley family and friends from Oklahoma. On another day they released 2 Striped Marlin and 3 Snapper. 

Striped Marlin Released on Pisces 38’ C Rod

Pisces 38’ C Rod and anglers John and McClein Mabrey and Randy Stalcup, released 3 Striped Marlin of about 110 and 130 lbs each. Crew and anglers did a great job of landing them as the marlin bite began to dwindle. 

Inshore, Pisces 42’ Caliente released 2 Roosterfish of about 20 lbs each, which took live mackerel bait close to the Old Lighthouse. Pisces 28’ Andrea also released 3 Roosterfish of about 20 lbs each, as well as Ladyfish and a few others. Pisces 35’ Valerie headed inshore for Sierra Mackerel, landing 7 of about 8 to 10 lbs each on hoochies and mackerel. They also kept 8 Grouper of about 10 lbs each and 3 Red Snapper. They released a Striped Marlin of about 120 lbs earlier in the day at Golden Gate Bank.

LOCATION: Migrino, Inshore and offshore at Golden Gate. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Nicer weather this week, winds died, sunny skies. 


BEST LURES: Live mackerel and caballito, hoochis.