Pisces Cabo Fish Report, March 17th to March 23rd, 2023

Swordies Still Finning on the Surface

Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 66%

Billfish Catch Success Rate 32%,  Tuna 10%,  Dorado 12%, Other Species 30%

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Once again, Pisces Sportfishing Fleet took several discerning anglers out on Cabo’s sparkling blue waters to relish the clear skies and calm seas as they headed out in search of various species of fish. Among the dozen or so favorites of anglers this time of year, one must mention striped marlin, swordfish, dorado, and roosterfish.

Our 42 ft Bertram, “Yahoo,” with Captain Ricardo Escamilla at the helm following his hunch, headed towards the Cerro Blanco area where they raised a striped marlin that came up in the pattern of brightly colored lures that left bubbles in their wake. The indecisive striper darted from one trolled lure to the other before striking at one. The clicker howled as the marlin ripped approximately 20 feet of line off the reel, and then the huge fish let go of the lure. The deckhand immediately dropped a caballito back into the wake, and seconds later, the fish took the bait and was hooked solid, to the delight of Jake and Ryan Veurink! When the striper was finally brought alongside the boat, Captain Ricardo estimated the fish’s weight to be around 100 pounds.

Captain Frank Martinez/Carlos Santos on the 28 ft Uniflite “Adriana” found the Fuera del Cerro area productive for their passengers Benjamin and Rachel Waits. The two anglers had an exciting day catching 6 skipjack in the 8 to 10-pound class, plus they released a striped marlin that bit a live caballito. The crew estimated the weight to be in the 100-pound range.

The 32 ft Cabo Express “Bill Collector,” with Captain Esteban Balderas/Adrian Olachea, had a great day fishing the “old reliable” 95 Spot with the Propps Family, including Jeffrey, Parker, Paxton, and Stacy from Saint Cloud, Florida. There they caught 10 dorado weighing 10 to 15 pounds and released a striped marlin estimated to weigh 160 pounds.

In the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” department, the swordy’s are still finning on the surface. I know at least three fish were lost after several hours this week.

Captain Jose Antonio “Pepe” De la Peña Castillo and mates Arturo Peralta and Ulises on the 62 ft Viking “Chasin Tail” had heard some rumors that a few swordfish were seen finning at the 1150 Spot during the past several days. After tacking back and forth searching for the swordfish tail and dorsal, often referred to as a “two-finner,” they finally spotted some commotion on the surface, creating a large patch of white water. Suddenly the fish appeared near the top, confirming it was a feeding thresher shark!

Mate Arturo snatched the drop-back rod with a large caballito attached and cast it toward the agitated shark, which immediately pounced on the dead bait. The 70 to 80-pound shark put on quite a show for the passengers and crew while the angler fought the critter valiantly. Once it was subdued and brought alongside the boat, they took many cell phone photos of the amazing fish with its tail as long as its body before they set it free. On board were Anna Schultz, Cooper Robinson,  Eloise Robinson, Jack Schultz,  Jeff Robinson, Jennifer Schultz, John Schultz, and Zoe Robinson, all from Eden Prairie, Montana.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly calm in the morning with 2 to 3-foot waves and 6 to 25 knots of wind in the afternoon.


BEST LURES: : Live and dead caballito, mackerel, ballyhoo, squid, larger bright-colored trolling lures, and cedar plugs.


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Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, by Gary Graham, That Baja Guy.