Cabo Sportfishing on FIRE

Overall Catch Success Rate: 97%

Billfish: 22%, Tuna:30%, Dorado:85% , Other:10%

Valerie 35ft Bertram, Carter Hilsher, Hunter Hilsher, Phillip Hilsher, and Taylor Hilsher started their year off on a family outing that will last a lifetime by catching 9 dorado.

Trolling lures and on live mackerel near Cerro de Arena with Captain Roberto Sandez at the wheel and Mario Juarez assisting on deck

The first week of the New Year began with calm seas. The boats in the Pisces Fleet returned from the fishing grounds with their numerous multi-colored fish flags flapping from out-riggers, displaying their billfish releases and many dorado and yellowfin tuna catches, creating a colorful sight.

Throughout the week, the Pisces crews led their clients to the action-packed sport fishing that has made Cabo San Lucas famous. Below is a partial list of the names of the fleet and their successes during the end of 2023 and the first week of 2024:

Andrea, 28-ft. Uniflite – three striped marlin and three dorado for Brittany Vezendy, Ellen Vezendy, Richard Vezendy, and Stephen Vezendy from Boerne, Texas.

Bill Collector, 35 Cabo Fly Bridge, 25  Striped marlin, for Chelsea Brandimarte, Mr. Nathan Brandimarte from Beaumont Texas US.

Karina, 30-ft. Bertram, one striped marlin, 15 dorado, for Riley Zannet, Warren Zannet, and Wes Zannet from British Columbia, Canada.

Rebecca, 31-ft. Bertram, two stripers, and five dorado for Christian Kirkland, Faith Kirkland, Jason Kirkland, Morgan Altherr, and Stephanie Kirkland from Oro Valley, Arizona.

Tracy Ann, 31-ft. Bertram, four striped marlin,  five dorado, nine sierra, and one wahoo for Jessie Prince and Kayci Prince from Plano, Texas.

Tiburon,  31ft Bertram, Captain Rosendo Gomez, and Mate, Carlos Santos knew exactly where to go to provide the Carr family from Houston Texas a fishing trip to remember. First, they took them to the striped marlin feeding area. By mid-morning, they had caught and released two estimated to weigh 80-100 pounds. Next, they ran to another area where the dorado had been lurking recently.  Their move paid off in spades! A little chum and the brightly golden-colored hungry dorado churning the water chasing bait. For the next hour or so it was chaos as the family all hooked the hungry dorado. By the time they headed back, they had released some and kept 10 fish.

Knot Workin, 35-ft. Cabo Flybridge, one striped marlin, one dorado, 11 yellowfin tuna, and one wahoo for Cole Mayfield, Corey Mayfield, Fletcher Mayfield, Kim Mayfield, Knox Mayfield, and Riley Mayfield.

BB II, 37-ft. Viking, ten striped marlin, six dorado for John David Bullock from Texas.

La Cornita, 40-ft. Cabo Express, two stripers, one dorado, and one Yahoo for Bradford Hartje, Kayla Hartje, Mark Underwood, Olivia Underwood, Philip Mackey, and Sarah Underwood from Georgia.

Chasin Tail, 62-ft. Viking, two yellowfin tuna for  Jim and Ann Anderson from Reno, Nevada.

My Way, 45-ft. Viking, six striped marlin, six dorado, and six yellowfin tuna for Alisa McCutcheon, Audrey McCutcheon, Caitlyn O’Toole, Kevin McCutcheon, Ryan O’Toole, and Stella McCutcheon.

Friday Bank, 66-ft. Viking, two striped marlin, and two dorados for Collin Cremers, Eric Cremers, Laura Cremers, and Michelle Howard.

Ripper, 35-ft. Cabo Flybridge, two striped marlin, and three yellowfin tuna for Stephen G. Zak from Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

La Brisa, 31-ft. Bertram, three striped marlin, one dorado, and one yellowfin tuna for Carl Pruitt, Chandler Smith, Glen Healy, Jaden Healy, and Scott Pruitt from Allen, Texas.

Valerie, 35-ft. Bertram, three stripers, and one dorado for Elisa Vawdrey, Jacob Vawdrey, Mark Vawdrey, Mathew Vawdrey, Ryan Vawdrey, and Shara Vawdrey.

Ruthless, 31-ft. Bertram, ten dorado, and five sierra for Lindsey Ann Darr, Megan, and Brandon Glass from Warren, Oregon.

Speedwell, 38-ft. Mediterranean, one striped marlin, and two 40-pound yellowfin tuna for Axel Andre, Edward Andre, Hugo Andre, Max Andre, Otto Andre, and Victoria Briggs from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

C Rod, 38-ft. Blackfin, three striped marlin, and eight dorado for Andrew Goeman, Bret Haines, Brett Cole Haines, Carl Lupanovich, Jeff Goeman, and Joe McGovern from Esparto, California.

Yahoo, 42-ft. Bertram, five stripers, two dorado, one skipjack, for Andrew Goeman, Bret Haines, Brett Cole Haines, Carl Lupanovich, Jeff Goeman, and Joe McGovern from Esparto, California.

Adriana, 28-ft. Uniflite, one striped marlin, two dorado, and two yellowfin tuna for Edith Krueger, Randy Millwood, Ryan Mulhern, and Spencer Millwood.

Hot Rod, 42-ft. Cabo Flybridge, nine striped marlin, for Aimee Chubb, Catie Chubb, Lily Chubb, and Tom Chubb from Florida.

Horizon, 87-ft. Horizon, two striped marlin, and four dorado for Bernard Wildes, Donald Ross, Phillip Wildes, Tina Wildes, and Walker Fuller from Denver, Colorado.

Happy Ending, 60-ft. Viking’s half-day trip produced one striped marlin released and one dorado for Donald Young from Houston, Texas, for dinner.

Caliente, 42-ft. CaboFlybridge, two striped marlin for Jack Haddock, Jim Haddock, and Kate Haddock.

We haven’t any indications of changes, so we are looking forward to another exciting week of fishing here in Cabo San Lucas – Stay Tuned. 

Gary Graham-That Baja Guy