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Cabo Fishing Report 13th to 19th February 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 82%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 8 %, Tuna 59 %, other 42 %, Dorado 9%

BILLFISH: On February 13th David Mitchell and Bill Hicks visiting from Hobbs, New Mexico went out aboard the Pisces 38ft “C Rod” vessel, these lucky anglers reeled the  first Swordfish of the season!, a beautiful 115lbs. spotted outside of  Jaime Banks using  live bait.  There was a few Striped Marlin spotted outside of Palmilla area in San Jose del Cabo, a symptom of the fishing transition that soon will move over the Sea of Cortes to warmer waters. Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” vessel traveled to Palmilla and got tight lines for Dan Cunniffe, Mike Cese?a and Jim McKenna that released 130lbs.  Striped Marlin with a large sardine locally called “sardineta”. They were visiting from Pittsford, New York. Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” again!,  got tight lines in  the next day for Texas group  Harry & Elizabeth Sturges, Charlotte & Brooke Pezell which released another 120lbs Striped Marlin. Pisces “Rebecca” released a Sailfish, weight estimated 90lbs. using a purple lure outside of Migri?o for the group of Cindy Casso visiting from Kenly, North Carolina. One more time hot “Hot Rod”  vessel got  a successful released a Striped Marlin, one dorado and a wahoo weight estimated 25lbs. about  40 miles out of the Hill for the Sturges group visiting from Texas. Eight percent of the Pisces anglers released Billfish which consist in 3 Striped Marlin, 1 Swordfish and a Sailfish.

Tuna still being the main catch,  Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector”  reeled ten yellow fin tunas  between 30 to 45lbs. with cedar plugs outside of the Golden gate spot for Phil and Michelle Timothy from Utah. “Valerie” 35ft Pisces vessel got tight lines on twenty three tunas at La Ballena spot, getting everybody in the action: Monica Vining, John Park, John Ernest, Morgan Harris, Elizabeth and Kris Sokolowski visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. 31ft Pisces “Tiburon” traveled 44 miles out of the Hill and reeled twenty four tunas for David Ryan’s group visiting from Phoenix, Arizona. Pisces “Rebecca” did good bringing twelve tunas between 10 to 30 lbs. outside of La Ballena for George Schneider and Sarah Adamczyk from Alberta, Canada. Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” reeled twenty six tunas 22 lbs. outside of Pescadero and San Pedrito area for Joseph Kennedy, David Farrell, Walter Oates and James Hall visiting from  Spartenburg, South Carolina which fish with us many days and were so please with their catch!. As long as we move on to the season, we will see more inshore action, fun to reel, fight and release!  Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” got red snapper, trigger fish, jack crevelle and roosters, 5 to 8lbs. for Phillip Rick and Anderson Bernie from South Carolina. Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” got fifteen triggerfish and three yellow tails in a half day trip in Margaritas spot for Ray Washburn group from California. “Adriana”28ft vessel reeled twenty trigger fish, four snooks and two jacks in Margaritas for the Miller family. Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” hooked a rooster and needle fish for Sue Ferrell, Jim Hall and Anderson Bernies from South Carolina. All inshore fish were successfully released. Fifty nine percent of our anglers caught 415 yellow fin tunas, the other 42% a variety of inshore fish: 68 trigger fish, 12 yellow tails,  4 snooks and a bunch of skipjacks,  Spanish mackerel and a needle fish, only the nine percent reeled six dorados.

LOCATION:  Golden Gate, La Ballena, 40 miles out, 190 Spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, 230 spot, 150 Spot, Pescadero, Margaritas, Palmilla, 46 miles out of the 280 spot

WEATHER:  Clear Skies, Calm winds?AVERAGE WATER TEMP:  73F- 74F?BEST LURES:  Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, sardineta, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ady Moya.

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