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Pisces Sportfishing June 1st to 7th 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%

Numbers At A Glance: Billfish 87%, Dorado 17%, Small Game 5%

BILLFISH: We were very pleased with the marlin fishing this week as it was so consistent. Boats regularly caught one to three fish in the 100 to 150 lb. class and some occasionally doing even better with four or five. The fishing did move a little further away than last week with the best catches taking place off of San Jose at Punta Gorda. Pisces El Gallo had the best day this week with five marlin released for Carl Jerome and Jose Smith from Iowa; they also boated a 25 lb. dorado. Jon Svendson from Scottsdale, invited Rodolfo Flores from Cabo out to fish with him aboard Pisces Rebecca; they stayed a little closer and headed to the 11.50 spot with live caballito on board for bait, which did the trick in getting them hooked up to four striped marlin ranging in size from 70 to 150 lbs. A group from Texas consisting of John & Leslie Murphy, William & Amanda Wragge and Barry & Tammy Stefa used several methods aboard Pisces La Brisa to get hooked up to four striped marlin which were successfully released at Punta Gorda. Two of their fish took live caballito, another took a frozen ballyhoo and the final one of the day took a guacamayo lure. Seems like the fish are getting a bit hungrier as they are beginning to take lures; Pisces Ruthless had also had four marlin on June 6th, two took caballito, one a Chiliwillie lure and another a black and red lure, The Baum family from Calgary fishing with the Frutchey’s. Even four year Beckett Frutchey got to fight one of the marlins. It was nice to see some many kids here fishing with their families this week and to be able to introduce them to big game fishing. To round out the week of better than average catches was Pisces C Rod with four marlin released plus a 50 lb dorado boated for Gary Harvey from Commerce, Texas who fished with Michel Dempsey from Dallas. The marlin catch rate was high at eighty seven percent; nevertheless, there was the odd boat here and there that drew a blank, despite casting bait to the marlin they found. Pisces anglers caught a total of 103 marlin this week of which 101 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Seeing as the marlin fishing was so consistent nearly all the boats decided on that option and very few tried for other species. That said, dorado were picked up in the areas that were being trolled for marlin. The catches were seldom more than a single fish, with the only exception being Listo with three plus two marlin released off of Palmilla for Jeremy Skiver from Newport Beach, California. Just seventeen percent of boats caught dorado. Mark Wallace and friend from Los Angeles opted to fish inshore aboard Pisces Ruthless and had an excellent day with two yellowtail, six skipjacks, a red snapper, grouper, roosterfish and one very odd fish that we are having a hard time identifying. Some claim it is a scorpion fish whilst others say it is a rock fish, check out the photo and let us know your opinion.

SURF FISHING: Wesley had some nice catches of red snapper and yellowtail up to 30 lbs.

WEATHER CONDTIONS: Clear and sunny, seas are rough on the Pacific with a lot of wind but fair on the Cortez side. Still some fog in the early morning.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 11.50 spot , Palmilla.


Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

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