Pisces Sportfishing 1st-6th April 2012


March 31st to April 6th, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 75%

BILLFISH: This week we had really good fishing up until the moon got big, then the fish dispersed and the hot spot at Punta Gorda went flat and we had a couple of days of slim pickings. Boats that had steadily caught marlin all week went to the usual place and came up blank, whereas a few other boats ventured into the rougher Pacific and found some odd billfish off of the Old Lighthouse. “Tracy Ann” was on a roll this week, producing the marlin day after day, giving her a total of fifteen for the week. Of course the better catches were at the start of the week for this boat, when the moon was smaller, starting out with four releases at Punta Gorda for Susan Hodnik form Juneau, Alaska. Next day out, they went to the 11.50 spot and released four marlin on live bait for Robbie Schab & Ryan Wishikan from Monroe, Washington. On April 2nd the Parker family from Pleasant View, Utah had a blast releasing four striped marlin up to 160 lbs at the 11.50 spot again. This was not the only boat to do well, “C Rod” released four on March 31st for Sonny, Jordan & Joel Haro from Austin, Texas, all on live boat. “Ruthless” had three marlin for Eric, Elise and Trenton Bratz from Pueblo West, Colorado, two on live bait and one on a Petrolero lure, also at 11.50 spot. Catches began to drop towards the end of the week, and we had a lot of boats skunked the last two days of this report.Nevertheless fifty five percent of charters were able to catch marlin giving us a total of 39 marlin; all but one were released.

OTHER SPECIES: It was pretty slim pickings for smaller game this week, with just a few dorado caught, some rooster fish up to 20 lbs,fair amount of sierra, a couple of jack crevalles, skipjacks and one small mako shark.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Pretty much picture perfect, warm and sunny, seas calm on the Cortez side but some rough days on the Pacific.

LOCATION: Punta Gorda, 11.50, Old Lighthouse.


BEST LURES: Live bait.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg