Pisces Sportfishing July 14th – July 20th 2012

JULY 14th to 20th, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 99%
BILLFISH: Fishing was fantastic in Cabo this week with boats coming back with outriggers full of flags, so much so, that on some days there was not enough room to hang everything needed. However, the biggest catch this week was not marlin but tuna. Nevertheless we had some good billfish catches which lead to a thirty seven percent success rate for the most sought after sportfish. Matthew Neeson from El Paso, Texas was out on one of the finest sportfishing boats in the harbor, 61 ft Viking “El Gallo” on July 14th and did very well to release our first blue marlin of the week. The fish took a black and green lure just below the Jaime Bank on the Pacific. Not only did Matthew and his friends get the nicest billfish of the week, they also boated five yellow fin tuna. The only other blue was picked up by Ernie Sandoval from San Diego, on his way out to the East Cape for the dorado tournament aboard “Cabolero”; this one was estimated at 265 lbs. Corey and Karik Weatherly from Baytown, Texas did very well the next day out to release two striped marlin 30 miles offshore and also land a small dorado. “Ruthless” had an enviable day on July 20th for Dennis Carrillo and friends from La Fuente, California, when they released our only sailfish of the week, as well as a Mako shark and then boated three tuna and one 35 lb dorado. Dace Shuck and Adam Cripps, both from Tennessee were out the same day on “Valerie” and did extremely well to release two striped marlin in the 100 to 120 lb class as well as three dorado up to 45 lbs and nine yellow fin tuna at the Golden Gate.now those guys were busy; it doesn’t get much better than that. When billfish were caught, it was seldom more than a single fish, but then again, most boats wanted to take advantage of the fabulous tuna catches. Pisces anglers caught a total of 17 striped marlin, two blues and one sail. All were released.
OTHER SPECIES: The dorado shoot out took place this weekend at Los Barriles on the East Cape which was well attended. Ernie Sandoval did a practice day on “Cabolero “the day before and caught two sailfish and a 53 lb bull dorado, of course a day early. Nobody in the tournament the next day could produce a fish of that size and the eventual winner ended up being a 41 lb specimen, netting the lucky angler $69,000 and a brand new pickup truck. Dorado catches off of Cabo showed a marked increase with forty two percent of boats catching between one and four fish from 10 to 40 lbs. The exception was “Tracy Ann” for Patrick Cummings and friends from Moscow, ID who caught ten up to 45 lbs plus three tuna and also released a striped marlin – now that’s a great day. Yellow fin tuna, however, was king in Cabo this week with a whopping eighty five percent of boats catching between one and thirty five fish. On July 18th “Rebecca” caught 35 football size tuna for Mike Fronsoe and friends as well as landing two medium size dorado at the Golden Gate. Next day out saw Chic McSherry from Scotland catch thirty tuna, 4 of them on a flyrod, release a striped marlin and a bonita to boot. Our total tuna count was 362 fish.
LOCATION: A big change this week, as boats concentrated on the wide open tuna bite and headed up the Pacific to Golden Gate, Herradura and San Jaime also produced good catches.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Some days super-hot when we have tropical weather below us, but then breezy on the Pacific, seas moderate.
WATER TEMPS: Pacific 78 F Cortez 82 F
BEST LURES: Live bait for marlin, cedar plugs for tuna, assorted lures for dorado.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

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