Pisces 11th – 17th August 2012

PISCES FISH REPORT AUGUST 18th to 24th, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH: This past week, every single boat caught at least one fish, unfortunately, the water is getting a bit too warm for the billfish and we don’t have much to report about these guys. Also, most of the clients were looking for fish to take home to eat. “Valerie” released the only striped marlin of the week for Cooper Hogg from San Angulo TX, 3 small sailfish were caught, unfortunately, only one was released. “Great Escape Jr caught a 180lbs blue marlin for Matt Ward from Walnut Creek, CA. Most of the catches were at the Pacific side at the Golden Gate bank.

OTHER CATCHES: Yellow fin tuna was the best catch this week, with 85% of the boats catching these babies. They are still at the football size stage but they are catching them in good numbers. There were some really nice catches; “Rebecca” caught 16 tunas between 16 to 18lbs for Randy Newton from Aller TX. “Tracy Ann” went ahead and caught 23 for Thomas & Deborah Moertl from Wauwatosa WI. We thought that was going to be the catch of the week, but then “Rebecca” catches 29 for Walter Coy from Texas, we are thinking, ok, this guy is going to get the catch of the week, but no!, Captain Julio Castro and the “Tracy Ann” sure love to be the highlight of the reports, they made Angus Wear from the UK, fight 33 tunas with an average weight of 20 to 25lbs. A total of 380 tunas were caught this week, the major part of them were released. Dorado slowed down quite a bit as well because of the warm water, only 30% of the boats caught dorado. “Yahoo” caught a very nice 45lbs wahoo for birthday girl Cassy Caldwell from Dallas TX.

LOCATION: Pacific, Golden Gate, San Jaime, Margaritas.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: The rain is gone, the heat is back and with a vengeance, with an average temp of 95F some days reaching the 107F


BEST LURES: Cedar plugs, green lures..

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro