Pisces August 11th – 17th 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 94.44%

BILLFISH: What a week! Cabo Weather can be unpredictable!H?ctor brought us 3 days of rain, in a row! That does not happen often; last rain we saw was about a year ago and lasted 10 minutes. For a little bit we were worried about the strong rain and the wind, but the Harbor Master gave us a go and we went fishing with rain and wind, all the clients were happy to go and the catch was amazing, they got soaked but they caught fish, a lot of fish.

The sea was a little bit rough on the way out, 5 to 6ft waves but after a 5 mile ride it was like a swimming pool. As the water ran down the hills, the creeks brought a lot of debris to the ocean which is great for fishing, usually the logs they drag are filled with bugs and dorado just love them bugs! There were only a couple of people who got seasick, the rest did take the Dramamine and did perfectly fine, I always say it’s better to be sleepy or take a nap on the way out than be sick all day and ruin the trip for the rest of the party.

Ok, now, the catch report, we did not see many billfish this week, dorado was the number one catch, but it was still pretty decent, 22 out of 34 boats caught at least one, that’s a very nice 65% catch rate. We saw an improvement on sailfish and blue marlin, “Rebecca” released a blue marlin estimated at 220 lbs for William Scott Fricke from Orlando FL, and the same day, Tracy Ann caught a 180lber, unfortunately, the fish died, they also released a 70 lbs sailfish and landed 3 dorado for Sean & Robert Rayner from Menifee, CA. The billfish catch of the week goes to “Andrea” with Captain Orlando Murillo, releasing 3 pacific sailfish for Robert and Jeremy Vargas & Al Stellan from Colonia NJ, they also release 3 dorados. A total of 28 billfish were caught, 25 were released.

OTHER CATCHES: Tuna is still a bit slow with only 53% of the boats catching this babies, still there were some very nice catches, C-Rod landed 10 tunas with an average weight of 15 lbs, for Clay Mazur from Forthworth, TX. “La Brisa” with Captain Rey Winkley landed 15 tunas and 2 dorados for Paul Michael from Paradise TX, and “C-Rod” the same day landed 16 tunas, 1 dorado and a sailfish released for Alexa Egnotovich from Canal Fulton, Ohio. Dorado was much better, 88% of the boats caught an average of 4 dorados, the average size was 15 to 25 lbs. Best catches of the week were for Rebecca with 10 dorados, 9 tunas and 2 striped marlin released for Greg & Ryan Cohn from Setauket, NY and the Tracy Ann with 12 dorados and a striped marlin released for Steve & Vanessa Lloyd from Lake Crystal MN.

LOCATION: Pacific, Migrino, Gaspareno, Margaritas, Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Rainy and cool the first part of the week, now it’s free sauna everyone! The sky is still a bit cloudy some parts of the day but mostly the sun is back and with a vengeance. HOT!!!


BEST LURES: Caballito, guacamayo lures, yellow lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro

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